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Karolina Kijak-Dzikonska is an artist and illustrator from Poland, creating the traditional technique of watercolors paintings.

An architect by education. The main theme of her work is nature, especially birds and wildlife.

The artist's artworks appeared on the fabrics of the international clothing collection with H&M in 2020. For two last years, she has been cooperating with the Rebel Studio on creating watercolor, hand-painted illustrations of nature for the board game "Meadow".


In 2021 she received the award for the best graphic design for a board game. Currently, she prepares new watercolors for expansion of "Meadow".


Privately, she lives with her husband and two children in small polish village in the Prosna River valley. Every day, she tries to find time for a walk with binoculars, a camera or a sketchbook among the surrounding nature. In this way, she collects inspiration for the newest paintings or simply relaxes watching the species of local birds.

Karolina Kijak-Dzikońska


tel.: 695 552 886




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