Karolina Kijak-Dzikońska


tel.: 695 552 886





I have allways been fascinated by two worlds - world of art and world of the wildlife.

At the same time, when I was learning the art techniques, I loved to read guides about birds, animals and forests. Though this, I chose one another world - Architecture.

I graduated Architecture at the University of Technology and I have been designing interiors and biuldings for several Years.

However, all the time my fascination with painting and nature lasted, to finaly connect and created a series of natural illustrations.

You will find here works made in the watercolor technique, acrylics on canvas, pierced editions of posters and linocuts.

For me, painting and nature is an endless source of inspiration, research and research, and motivation for further development.
The greatest satisfaction, however, is that I can share the effects of my work with you.